Disturbing videos with text that can only be read as attempts to discredit Mrs Yang have been posted on the No To Dog Meat China Facebook Page.

Mrs Yang is obviously distressed by the invasion, without prior notice, of strangers. Apparently completely unconcerned for Mrs Yang’s distress, the charity CEO amuses herself with selfies.

Our translator tells us that “whoever took these videos did not have consent from Mrs. Yang! Mrs. Yang tried to snatch the phone from the woman to stop her but was not successful that’s why an argument ensued with the woman branding Mrs. Yang a thief. ”

“From what I can understand Mrs. Yang was caught off guard by these people, she was not notified of their visit at all. Can not really hear properly through all the noise but sounds like she was bombarded with questions and was trying to explain something about 707 (7th July?). Poor Mrs. Yang, I seriously worry about her health now having to deal with this… ”

Update: Translations of the three videos now available.

Screen grabs of the comments posted with these videos by the admin of the ‘No To Dog Meat’ China Chapter.

Defaming Mrs Yang3 Defaming Mrs Yang2 Defaming Mrs Yang1

Some early reactions from supporters of Mrs Yang.

Redacted Comments 2015-08-28 05-31-26

Many observers of the sordid fiasco that surrounds this charity have been expecting that the end game to withholding the balance of the funds, estimated to be in excess of £70k, due to Mrs Yang would be a concerted campaign to discredit her. This news of the visit by the charity trustees, and their female companion, has only just broken. The other people seen in the videos are unknown, but would seem to have been brought along to confront Mrs Yang? It will be interesting to read the reactions to these videos as the news spreads across social media.


UPDATE:  It appears that questions are starting to be asked.  Many people donated to this fundraiser over the last several months.  While Mrs Yang and her dogs obviously appear to be in need of immediate assistance – the No To Dog Meat China page admin merely repeats the comment regarding ‘long term plans’.  We feel Mrs Yang’s immediate needs are far more urgent.  As we reported previously, this is also the page that stated on July 1st that a team of vets had been dispatched.  What exactly did this team accomplish? Where are the updates?  Again, an observation on information being released but never followed up.


July 1st - Vet help dispatched

July 1st – Vet help dispatched

Some very valid questions and opinions are shown in the screen shots below.

While these pages are public, we have blanked out names of the public.


NTDM China Page Questions


NTDM China Page Questions

NTDM Main Page Questions

NTDM Main Page Questions