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The No To Dog Meat Team have been to China and visited Mrs Yang although this is the only photograph we can find – which if you view the video footage below, was a blatant selfie by Ms De Cadenet taking advantage of an extremely preoccupied Mrs Yang. A distracted Mrs Yang was being harassed by, as yet, unknown persons and talking on her mobile as her dogs reacted to the group of visitors with loud excitement.

Julia and Mrs Yang

Julia and Mrs Yang

Update: Translation of this video now available.

There are three videos posted on FB of the charity’s two trustees’ visit to Mrs Yang. The sound quality is poor but this translation, gleaned from one of the videos, is interesting.Translation redact1

While  Ms de Cadenet and Mr Donkers have posted several pictures of themselves with other animal activists perhaps their time should have been spent solely focused on Mrs Yang and her plight – after all that is the reason they went to China is it not?

Mr Donkers, yesterday while still in China, made this petulant comment on FBDonkers defaming

This comment does not bode well for Mrs Yang since it appears that Mr Donkers is disappointed with the meeting with Mrs Yang. Whatever his gripe, this is spiteful and unfair since Mrs Yang does not promote herself and, as her UK agent, Sophie Ling, has reported on the Mrs Yang Official FB page, Mrs Yang is excessively protective of her privacy.

The rumblings on social media are growing louder as suspicions are now aroused that the charity are intending a campaign of discrediting Mrs Yang and her work. Concern on Twitter for Mrs Yang has been mounting. Dr Daniel Allen, academic writer and US and UK TV broadcaster, has taken Mrs Yang’s plight very much to heart.screenshot-twitter.com 2015-08-31 03-02-05

Mr Peter Egan, TV, Stage and Film actor and highly respected advocate for animals, has tweeted many times calling for the charity to release Mrs Yang’s money; his tweets becoming increasingly indignant.screenshot-twitter.com 2015-08-31 02-49-44

Dr Allen has even appealed to Lori Alan, the US founder of the No To Dog Meat US chapter, to intervene on behalf of victims of online abuse by the charity ‘trolls’.screenshot-twitter.com 2015-08-31 03-28-35

While steadfastly remaining tight lipped about the outcome of the meeting with Mrs Yang and, ostensibly, leaving Mrs Yang to struggle on with her dogs and cats in quite appallingly inadequate premises, it was announced that the trustees would be taking back with them, to the UK, a dog from another rescue shelter. As can be seen from the screen grab, this dog has advanced distemper. The requirements of entry of dogs into the UK from China are onerous and final clearance of documentation will usually take 4 months. Quite how the trustees planned to fly a sick dog to the UK at the end of a 5/6 day visit is mind boggling to say the least. A publicity panacea for their FB supporters eager for news of Mrs Yang perhaps?

Camile the dog

Camile the dog

As we stated before, we are watching the unfolding of this ongoing fundraiser and how the funds are spent.  However, it appears we are not alone in our questioning of the actions of this organisation.  Just ONE persons comments actually sum things up in a very interesting manner.  Again names blanked out, but it is on a public page.

Public Reaction

Public Reaction

In our next post we are hoping to be able to report that a fully comprehensive statement has been issued by the trustees of the charity, World Protection for Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade (WPDCMT), AKA ‘No To Dog Meat Foundation’.

An online petition Ensure MRS YANG receives ALL DONATIONS given for her and INVESTIGATE the UK registered charity # 1154524 ‘WORLD PROTECTION FOR DOGS AND CATS IN THE MEAT TRADE’ (WPDCMT) AKA ‘No To Dog Meat’ (NTDM) is currently running at 4232 signatures