Translation Supplied of ‘No To Dog Meat’ China Trip Videos.

We have been made aware of these videos, as posted previously on this blog, but until now we had not seen any translation of what was actually said. Many viewers of the videos found it most disturbing that Mrs Yang was seen to be very distressed without knowing why she was.

It did appear that Mrs Yang was very surprised by the people who turned up at the same time the Charity did.  Who were they?  What was their reason for being there at a critical moment?  Why were the police there?  Why didn’t the Charity that visited her, and claim to represent her, not ask that those filming leave?

Read the transcripts,  make up your own mind.  Either way this certainly was a strange way for the two charity trustees to visit Mrs Yang for the first time.

Video 1

(The part where Mrs. Yang was talking to the group of people was unclear to us. But she mentioned something about the 707 rescue, stopping truck on highway in August, a national fundraise, 21 days after with no more money etc….)

Woman in black: Let’s go inside & look

Mrs. Yang: You can’t go in. You can’t go in. I can open the door, but do you dare to go in?

Woman in black: What should I be afraid of?

Mrs. Yang: Afraid of what? Afraid of dogs. If you want to go in, I can let you in. But it’s leaking water inside. You did not inform me in advance and just came over & film without my consent.

(Woman in black goes over & films the dogs)

Woman in black: Dogs all have skin diseases & its leaking water in there…………..

Mrs. Yang: This is an incomplete and abandoned building. The dogs come down from upstairs. I have nothing to say to you, please leave.

Video 2

Woman voice: All dogs have skin diseases. All dogs have skin diseases… water all over inside there

(Some shouting when the screen turn upside down)

Woman shouting: Don’t touch me.

(Mrs. Yang go over to pick up a phone from red plastic bag.)

Man in grey say to camera: Keep filming……….

Mrs. Yang say to camera: You came here to fight.

Woman shouting: Who fight you? You touched my phone first. You listen.

Mrs. Yang: This is my place

Woman: So what?

Man voice: Is this human speaking?

Woman: Don’t you move. I sue you.

Mrs. Yang: This is my house, you have to go…. what I’m doing here if this wasn’t my house….

Woman: I’m filming…so what…what are you afraid of….

Mrs. Yang: I don’t allow you to film……

Woman: What are you afraid of…..say it….say it….what are you afraid of?

Mrs. Yang: What do I have to be afraid of… what do I have to be afraid of….do you have my consent?

Woman: Why can’t I film? Why can’t I film? Why can’t I film?

Mrs. Yang: You don’t have my consent.

Woman: So what? I pass by here & I film. I film… so what..?

Mrs. Yang: You can’t film.

Woman: I film…..what do you afraid of….what do you afraid of….?

Foreign woman: Where are the dogs from Yulin

(Mrs. Yang talking to police on the phone)

Woman: She take my phone. She’s a thief…..

Foreign woman: Where the dogs from…..

(Mrs Yang on the phone telling police her address)

(Foreign woman posing next to Mrs. Yang with man in red holding camera)

(Foreign woman take picture with Mrs. Yang while she’s still on the phone)

Mrs. Yang: (looking at the 2 men in front of her) Tell her, I’ve just received 62500.

Editors note: 62500 Chinese Yuan equals approx. £6,378 (British Pounds)

(Man in red shirt mention something about transfer)

Mrs. Yang: (looking at man in red shirt) How much did they transfer? I can show details.

Man in red telling foreign woman: She will show you receipts………….…

Foreign woman: I want to know dogs from Yulin…..dogs from Yulin……… Where are the dogs? Where are the dogs from Yulin? Are these the dogs from Yulin????

(Man in red shirt saying something to Mrs. Yang)

Mrs. Yang: (answering man in red shirt) Yes

(Foreign woman taking selfie while man in red telling her something)

Foreign woman: Are these the dogs from Yulin?

(Man in red say something to Mrs. Yang)

Mrs. Yang: Yes

Man in red tell foreign woman: She said yes.

Woman voice: Those are Yulin dogs.

Mrs. Yang pointing fingers at someone: Look at all of you, I’m not scared of you…….

Woman voice: you take my phone.. you take my phone…you take my phone…..

Mrs. Yang: I don’t allow you to film…. you bastard.

Man voice: I always deliver stuff to you…….

Mrs. Yang replied: Why not call me first when you know…….

Man in black: I don’t have your number.

Woman voice: You take my phone….

Mrs. Yang: I take your phone, I don’t allow you to film.

Woman voice: Need to see dogs condition

Mrs Yang: You bastard

Woman voice: You take my phone. I’m bastard…?

(Mrs Yang receive phone call from police asking her location)

(Mrs Yang go over to the gate and still on the phone)

Woman voice: I want to leave now… let’s go….

Man voice: We can’t leave.

Woman voice: Has filmed enough.

Man voice: She called police…are you afraid now?

Woman voice: I’m afraid. She’s a thief, she take my phone, how can I not afraid.

Video 3

 Police: Don’t know what you fighting about, but I hear you shouting.

Mrs. Yang with the woman in dress: This is my neighbor, she knows what my dogs eat, what my dogs drink. I didn’t pay her any money.

Mrs. Yang asking her neighbor: Please say something fair.

Police ask man: Who are you with?

Man voice: This is my wife, that is my friend.

Woman voice: Foreigner is with us too.

Police: Tell them all to come over.

Foreign woman: Robert…. she’s coming with us, she’s with me…. she’s my translator

Mrs. Yang: They brought the foreigners not to donate, but to investigate me.

Woman voice: Why investigate? How much they paid you?

Mrs. Yang: You’re bullshitting……..

Woman voice: You didn’t admit

Mrs. Yang: All dogs in these area are fed by me……..

Foreign woman: What’s she saying…..?

Woman voice: Translate….translate

Police: Calm down.

Transcript supplied by an independent translator and verified by a member of our team.