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While news came in overnight from China that Mrs Yang had been taken into hospital suffering from exhaustion and nose bleeds, a statement was discovered on the Chinese social media platform Weibo, published some time before. The statement by Mrs Yang sheds more light on the UK charity’s unannounced visit to Mrs Yang in China last week.

We now understand that Mrs Yang has released herself from hospital so that she can attend to the dogs and cats in her charge. We are gravely concerned for Mrs Yang, age 67, as she not only fights to save dogs, but also endures hostilities and coercion from UK charity trustees – Julia de Cadenet and Robert Donkers – and their entourage.

Below is the translated text of Mrs Yang’s statement, as appeared on Twitter, and verified by our in-house translator. NB. You can view the recent background of the visit here and the videos referred to here.

The following is the illustration of the truth of the process of NTDM’s visit to my base and house, and regarding the payment issue.

On 2015 Aug 27th, the NTDM team of 10 people came to the old base with 1 bag of dog food and 1 bag of cat food (the original base was invaded by a nasty officer, since new base is not officially in operation, can only take this incomplete, abandoned building as a temporary station. And they just made use of the poor condition of this temporary station to film the mess and delude people and publicize it out of proportion), they said they came to see the dogs & cats, and they had translator and friends with them, once they arrived they all took pictures with their cellphones separately, and they specifically looked for corners to film, when I stopped them taking pictures and filming, a short-hair woman in the picture came push me and hit me on my shoulder and arm, they hit me but then said I took her phone(picture 1). And then the foreign woman requested to take picture with me but I rejected her, she pulled me to take picture with her when I was on the phone and was not aware (picture 2).

About donation: when they came to the new base which is in construction, they highly praised the shelter during their entire visit, they also visited another base we intended to buy but couldn’t afford, the main purpose of their visit this time was to verify the amount of money they transferred from overseas and the situation of the base. We actually have received their transfer total amounting to RMB 85496 (UK currency rate about 10) as follows: western union transfer total of RMB 31659.47 (by 2 transfers), GBP 5050, & RMB 5000 from a NTDM representative who visited Auntie Yang earlier in Shanghai. One of other two transfers which was RMB 25000 (claimed by NTDM) was never found anywhere in our accounts, also the other transfer by western union was returned because of incorrect account name. During the process, this foreign woman opened her eyes as wide as Ping-Pong balls pointed at my eyes and nose with her finger, and her mouth said: I paid you, I paid you, in the conversations that followed they said they only received US$ 20000 donations, and had already transferred all to me.About the details they showed on their website regarding the payment receipts, they said the amount was near GBP 80000, but we have only received the few transfers as stated above as of the moment we printed those receipts from their website.

About the statement: British wanted us to publish a video to say a facebook page set up by a British was set up by her own intend and not authorized by I Yang XiaoYun, I rejected, because I did not authorize her to do facebook, many people help me from around the world, and they can advertise on their own sites, I appreciate each one who help the dogs, if I turn around and make statement saying I did not authorize them, it will make unnecessary impact on my shelters. Another reason is, they wanted to give all donors a reply, stop their worry, that’s why they wanted such video. But I worry if I make such video and cannot receive the money, deluded news about I have received all donations would be all over the internet, and would make us look like liars. The NTDM people specified that if I don’t publish a statement, they will not give us the rest of the donations, and will return the donations to donors, the condition was: once I publish the video, they would give me (Yang XiaoYun) RMB 160000 to rent the base that we couldn’t afford, I (Yang XiaoYun) will not accept this, since I did not receive such large sum of donations, I will not issue a statement to mislead the public, and: there are too many rumors recently, not receiving donation of course is not a good thing, but don’t want to sign such statement that is not telling the truth and bring bad impacts to my shelters.

When they saw hard tactics didn’t work, they used soft tactics instead, the bald head man in light blue shirt, suddenly showed me a picture of his mother in his cellphone, and one leg kneeled down on the floor, with his hand up he sworn asking me to trust him for the sake of his mother, I still rejected him, I told him: we have to base on facts, and go by moral. Live and do things truthfully! In the end, because there was no statement, the NTDM people left, they said they would communicate with me another day, but they did not return another day, because…

because they did not get what they wanted, they showed everybody pictures and videos that indicated the opposite of the truth: British came to investigate me (Yang XiaoYun), accused me of denying about the money received. We cannot be sure about the identity of the people who visited. Facing with all the accusation & arguments, we’re desperate to get in touch with the Person in charge or spokesman of NTDM to lay out all the truths.

An online petition Ensure MRS YANG receives ALL DONATIONS given for her and INVESTIGATE the UK registered charity # 1154524 ‘WORLD PROTECTION FOR DOGS AND CATS IN THE MEAT TRADE’ (WPDCMT) AKA ‘No To Dog Meat’ (NTDM) is currently running at 4,539 signatures.

For those who read simplified Chinese the original statement: