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STOP PRESS: On the evening of 25th October 2015, Ms Julia de Cadenet, CEO and trustee of the UK registered charity #1154524 ‘WORLD PROTECTION FOR DOGS AND CATS IN THE MEAT TRADE’ (WPDCMT) AKA ‘No To Dog Meat’ (NTDM) chooses Twitter to make the ‘statement’ “#YANGISASCAM” re: the restricted fund naming the Chinese ‘dog and cat protector’ Mrs Yang (Yang Xiaoyun) as beneficiary

UK CHARITY HEAD CONTINUES TO IGNORE PUBLIC OPINION: In spite of constant calls from the public for information, four months after Mrs Yang traveled to Yulin to save dogs from torture and slaughter at the infamous dog meat eating ‘festival’, the allocation of money gifted to her by donors worldwide remains a mystery.

An online petition: The ‘Yes And Now Group’ are Petitioning William Shawcross, Chairman of the Charity Commission and 7 others: INVESTIGATE the UK registered charity #1154524 known as ‘No To Dog Meat’ (NTDM aka WPDCMT)

Charities can’t just expect the public’s trust;
they must earn it.
(Ruth Sutherland CEO of Relate)

Controversy continues to rage over the, yet to be explained, allocation of a restricted fund created by the UK registered charity #1154524 ‘WORLD PROTECTION FOR DOGS AND CATS IN THE MEAT TRADE’ (WPDCMT) AKA ‘No To Dog Meat’ (NTDM). The fund named the Chinese ‘dog and cat protector’ Mrs Yang (Yang Xiaoyun) as beneficiary. The trustees of the charity promised after their visit to Mrs Yang, in late August, to issue a statement (and report) by the end of September, and the CEO announced (with considerable vigour) on Twitter that a press conference was to be held at the time of issuing the statement. We are now at the 26th October and no statement nor report has been forthcoming from the trustees.

However, 2 weeks ago, on 11th of October 2015, this announcement was spotted on a small sister Facebook page of the better known No To Dog Meat page:

Announced By NTDMThe charity trustees had apparently chosen to deliver the long awaited news of Mrs Yang’s fund, to worldwide donors and the public, (in the middle of a working week) at this less than practical venue. It is important to note that in this announcement they assure that more details ‘…will be confirmed closer to the time‘. No further details were announced. The trustees were expected to be personally demonstrating at the London Chinese Embassy between 1- 5 PM; hastily changed in the afternoon to Downing Street, then again later supporters were redirected on FB to a mysterious ‘Sowing Street’.

As one person commented, ‘you would have needed roller skates to keep up with the trustees that day’

Sowing st2015-10-25 16-54-29

Later that night this tweet was discovered on Twitter from the charity CEO.


And this one from one of Ms de Cadenet’s fellow trustees, Mr Robert Donkers.


This was viewed to be a highly unfair stance of self-righteous indignation adopted by the trustees. The opportunity to meet/speak with the trustees was ambiguously worded and poorly advertised. It was pretty much impossible for working folk from around the globe, people unable to afford to travel to London, or those without Skype savvy to ‘attend’, even if they knew the appointed time; AND STILL NO STATEMENT HAS BEEN ISSUED BY THE CHARITY!

The debate around transparency is not going to die down any time soon. A loss of public trust has been identified as one of the largest risks for the sector, and whilst there is no ‘crisis of trust’ occurring for the sector at the moment, recent surveys have underlined that the sector is not exempt from changes in opinion. Charities need to understand why these changes occur in order to maintain public trust.

(Cambridge Judge Business School, University of Cambridge


While the charity trustees have been toying with donors and the general public, and campaigning to cruelly defame her, Mrs Yang has steadfastly soldiered on. To complete the (pictured) expanded shelter, she set about raising and borrowing money herself. The following pictures have been released by Mrs Yang with her latest updates circulating in social media in China:

Translation of the posted Chinese message:

Expansion work of Yang XiaoYun’s Tianjin shelter is now finished, and will soon be in full operation. Facing the defamation and hostile rumour attacks by those “conspirators”, and the non-stop insults by those who know nothing about the situation, Yang XiaoYun not only did not give up, but becomes even stronger. She raises & borrows money on her own from different directions in order to build this rescue centre. Now that Yang XiaoYun’s shelter is built, what exactly did those who suspect Yang XiaoYun do to help?


In spite of the reported denouncements from ‘far flung’ (Where are Mrs Yang’s detractors from?) Chinese Agencies, Mrs Yang has not been abandoned by local people, many of whom have rallied as best they can in support of her work. But, food shortage is a constant challenge.



As public opinion in the west, for the most part, rejects the defamation of Mrs Yang, and the NTDM attack gang dwindles in numbers; the campaign has expanded on Twitter with more fake ‘egg’ accounts being created to accuse Mrs Yang of breeding puppies for meat. One account however, is a real individual come lately to support her personal friend; Ms Julia de Cadenet.

On the 22nd October, @WendyJHelm declared herself to be representing the charity: “I AM NOW THE CYBER BULLY REP FOR NO TO DOG MEAT

A litany of tweets followed before this rather strange individual then stepped up the rhetoric to accuse Mrs Yang of personally boiling dogs:

Insane tweets Wendy J Helmscreenshot-twitter.com 2015-10-22 16-42-53

Mr Brett Allan, who declared that he could be a NTDM trustee if he so wished, may well have encouraged Ms Helm by his tweets to believe such hideous claims; as with all malicious rumours, even crueller embellishment is often a consequence.

Brett Allen calling Mrs Y DMT trader12022407_10205883879148378_2533220364118449430_o

Apart from accusing Mrs Yang of boiling dogs, Ms Wendy Helm (AKA Ms Cassel) escalated her intimidation on Twitter to coerce the concerned public; that they cease asking questions or Mrs Yang would “have big problems”.


While Ms de Cadenet has gained a new champion in Ms Helm, (Ms Helm has also taken it upon herself to join Ms Alice Susan Harding to wage very nasty personal attacks on supporters of Mrs Yang), she lost her long time champion; Mrs Mary Robbins. A ‘whistleblowing’ account by Mary Robbins, one of charity’s bloggers and administrator, on her recent resignation THE TRUTH ABOUT JULIA Truth about Alice and Julia makes an interesting read.


In the UK there are strict regulations in place to protect donors monies and ensure these monies are used for the purpose for which they were donated. According to the Institute of Fundraising:

A legal principle underpinning fundraising is that all funds raised for a particular cause must be used for that particular cause.”

“Charities should monitor and manage restricted fundraising activities, and communicate clearly with donors so that donors understand how their money will be used. It is important that charities ensure proper stewardship of all contributions, and ensure that restricted donations are used to support the cause in accordance with the donor’s intentions,

As the original statement on the fundraiser specified that all money raised was to be used to support Mrs Yang and her animals, the charity are obliged to use the funds for this purpose.


The management of the charity are on record as indicating, directly or indirectly, that Mrs Yang is not deserving of the restricted fund. We hope that the remainder/majority of the fund is intact, properly held in a separate bank account, and has not been spent on other projects. Consensus of opinion is that the charity will continue to refuse to release any more money to Mrs Yang, therefore the only legal solution to this impasse is to refund all donations to the donors and return every penny of Gift Aid received to HMRC. Since the charity management have shown themselves to be unworthy of public trust it would be essential for the accounting of the fund to be audited by a qualified and reputable third party. It must be strongly emphasized that the costs of the onerous exercise of refunding the money should be borne by the charity and not be funded from the donations gifted to Mrs Yang.

Winter is imminent in China, dogs and cats need feeding, medicating and protecting from the elements. The donors must receive their donations refunded quickly so that those who still have the wish to send aid to Mrs Yang can forward the refunds directly to Mrs Yang.

The Charities Commission has prevaricated long enough over this case; if they continue to refuse to protect donors and vulnerable beneficiaries then they are less than useless. By inaction the Commission will be seen to collude in bringing UK charity into disrepute and making an ass of UK law; not only in the eyes of the British public but in the eyes of the world.

Concerned members of the public have raised the matter with the UK’s national fraud and internet crime reporting centre, Action Fraud UK, who have advised that donors contact them through their online portal. If enough donors complain this will trigger the National Fraud Investigation Bureau to open an investigation into the charity.


An online petition: The ‘Yes And Now Group’ are Petitioning William Shawcross, Chairman of the Charity Commission and 7 others: INVESTIGATE the UK registered charity #1154524 known as ‘No To Dog Meat’ (NTDM aka WPDCMT)