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The Yes And Now Group have published an interview with Mr Kenneth Chong, Co-Founder & CEO of the Peace Prize Foundation on their petition update (this is a new petition currently running at 4915 signatures). 

We reproduce the Q & A with Mr Chong below. In the interview Mr Chong pointed to this video, saying: “This is a recent film made by a Malaysian film producer who is also an animal lover. He was so taken by Mdm. Yang’s heart that he made a trip to visit her in Tianjin. Judge for yourself what is the edge of the coin.”

Published on 14 Oct 2015

A tribute to Mdm. Yang Xiao Yun (杨晓芸)
Tianjin Stray Animal Rescue Centre aka Common Home For All. 

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17 Nov 2015 — We recently spoke with Mr Kenneth Chong, Co-Founder & CEO of the Peace Prize Foundation. Ken kindly agreed to share his personal thoughts on the situation Mrs Yang finds herself in today; striving every day through poor health to save as many dogs as she can while being persecuted and defamed by a very uncharitable charity.

❮Q❯: Hello Ken. Thank you for talking with us today regarding your comment about Mrs Yang on Peter Egan’s Facebook page:

“Mrs. Yang is real. Spoken to her many a time. Yes, she has her challenges but she is a devout Buddhist and a kind soul to animals great and small’.

We would welcome hearing more on your thoughts.

❮Ken❯: This is a personal view. Firstly, no charity should behave in such a manner. All charities are bound to be transparent and deal with donors with the utmost integrity and respect. Alleged abusive behaviour suggests hidden issues. It is now a criminal offence to abuse third parties in England and Wales. Under new laws now in place in the UK, there is a two year jail sentence for online abuse not to mention civil proceedings.〖http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-29678989

Charities need to produce annual accounts and made available for inspection by the public. If there are serious, extenuating circumstances concerning the beneficiary, the charity should in the first instance provide a clear public statement and offer to return all monies to donors.

Avoidance and blaming Third Parties could raise more questions. Now, Mrs Yang is made out by some to be “suspect”. Let’s look at facts. She has been doing this for more than twenty years. Like Peter [Egan], your goodself and thousands who stood up for animals, it started a long time ago out of compassion and love for animals.

She sold her properties and earthly belongings to care for thousands of dogs and cats. It is not a quick get rich scheme. When you donate, it is important to know not just the intended beneficiary but also ask how long has the charity been around? What is the history of its leaders? What are the successful projects? Awards and Citations. Are the Trustees upstanding people of society? What other positions / public office do (or did) they hold?

It is certainly convenient to put the blame onto Mrs. Yang whose health has been deteriorating and has limited attention and has little right of reply (1) she does not speak or write English (2) she isn’t a paperwork person (3) and all she cares about is trying to do her best to help the dogs and cats despite (4) harassment from local authorities trying to extract money from her as well.

When we make a donation, we believe the beneficiary will do his / her best to utilise the funds for the cause. The charity’s role is to ensure there is orderly disbursement of funds, receipts given and provide any assistance to the beneficiary. If there are “fees”, the charity should make it upfront so that donors are aware.

China is still a communist country run by thugs in many areas. There are three sides to a coin. It would be useful to understand the edge of reasoning. Trust and faith, like respect is earned. If any Charity is unable to keep my faith and trust, I am gone. But please return my money so that I may donate to a proper cause.

❮Q❯: You say you speak with Mrs Yang. Have you spoken to her recently?

❮Ken❯: The last time was in May this year. She said “she is warmed to so many supporters from around the world and this gives her strength to carry on.” I think she is oblivious to the looming problems when asked if she had received funds from the UK, Spain and Italy (Twitter followers asked). She said “there is a UK charity that handles fund raising but she receives small amounts.” Still, she is grateful for the overwhelming support.

❮Q❯: Can you tell us a bit more about how Mrs Yang is coping with such a heavy burden of taking care of so many dogs, and the challenges she faces.

❮Ken❯: She has limited help and even access to the animals – many are impounded by the local authorities. To her “A life is still a life.” So, she plods on doing whatever she can along with two or three young people who is caring for this old woman.

Mdm Yang is not asking for pity or sympathy but her health is really bad despite all the snappy photos taken by Third Parties. The compounds are neglected and the more dogs in there exacerbate the problem as they also breed and create waste and other local health issues. Mrs. Yang’s solution perhaps are volunteers to help. Money coming in helps but she is hardly an organisation with all the backend.

❮Q❯: We hear that Mrs Yang is reluctant to accept help from outside bodies. Would that sound true to you, and why?

❮Ken❯: In a manner of speaking yes because of many who have ulterior motives. She has had local charities wanting to help but end up deducting huge amounts of fees for “services” but say she got 100%. Broken promises has left her with a poor impression that people want to use her to make money, not to help the animals.

Her present situation remains much the same as described. It’s a huge challenge in the long run. I am not sure if her way of doing things is the best way but, under the circumstances, she is doing on best effort basis to mitigate.

She needs to set up proper accounting but on the other hand, she gets lump sums and does not have a clue who are the individual donors. It would be good to get someone in the UK who speaks Mandarin to liaise with her assistants.

❮Q❯: We believe Mrs Yang has become a very vulnerable beneficiary of the restricted fund raised for her yet withheld from her. We wondered whether we could help her in some way.

❮Ken❯: Perhaps set up a liaison officer to work with her and understand her needs. Years of exposure to animals is giving her respiratory problems but her resolution is strong. Her trust is weak to people wanting to help and her volunteers get little funding to do more. At times, less that 20% get to her. She is dismayed and unhappy that much needed money is really going to help her dogs and cats.

Food is in short supply, medicines for sick animals insufficient (she makes her own) and there is so much physical work to clean the place, even provide heating for the shelters. Twice as bad when Winter comes.

Perhaps, the solutions you seek [for Mrs Yang] may come from within the wider group of animal activists who may help. Work with the local China activists – though not all will support her methods – but my earnest wish is that she will get the right support.

This is a recent film made by a Malaysian film producer who is also an animal lover. He was so taken by Mdm. Yang’s heart that he made a trip to visit her in Tianjin.

Judge for yourself what is the edge of the coin.

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“A PLACE CALLED HOME” Mrs Yang October 2015

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To find out about Ken’s humanitarian work, please visit http://peaceprize.com/ “The Peace Prize Foundation and Humanitarian Awards – Empowering a New Generation of Peace Makers and Social Leaders”.

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To share the petition asking for an investigation that may help Mrs Yang help her dogs, please see https://www.change.org/p/investigate-the-uk-registered-charity-known-as-no-to-dog-meat-ntdm-aka-the-world-protection-of-dogs-and-cats-in-the-meat-trade


On 3rd Nov 2015, Ms Julia de Cadenet tweets denying that she tweets about Mrs Yang, and admits that Mrs Yang is powerless to refute allegations made by Ms de Cadenet on Twitter.

Julia de Cadenet Admitting Mrs Yang powerless to refute allegations made on Twitter 3Nov2015

However, on 15th Nov 2015, the CEO, Ms Julia de Cadenet, of the UK registered charity #1154524 ‘WORLD PROTECTION FOR DOGS AND CATS IN THE MEAT TRADE’ (WPDCMT) AKA ‘No To Dog Meat’ (NTDM) still holding the money intended for Mrs Yang, continues to spit her venom on Twitter at Mrs Yang.

Julia de Cadenet reviling Mrs Yang 15 nov

Nov 17 2015

Ms Julia de Cadenet and one of her fellow trustees, Mr Robert Donkers, paid a flying visit to Mrs Yang in China at the end of August 2015. They appeared to have spent more time, during those few days, on photo calls with an organisation called TACN. The founder of TACN has also been subject to defamation attacks on Weibo, the social media platform in China. The last news we have is that TACN are attempting to sue the prolific writer of the accusations directed against their founder of scamming. As posted by The Yes And Now Group on Friday, October 23, 2015: “The plot against Mrs Yang is a convoluted mess of contradiction and strange ‘alliances.’ One ‘alliance’ uncovered is…”

TACN in China is run by Liu Yanli ((aka. Xiaoli). There is a long Weibo denouncement of Liu Yanli, ‘years of deception’ on the link:http://card.weibo.com/article/h5/s… The accusations made by the writer are quite staggering. TACN are currently attempting to sue through the Beijing courts the writer of that Weibo denouncement and at this time we have no further information on the civil action. The denouncement however is still posted to Weibo.

Untruthful denouncement is a nasty business. TACN are fortunate to be sufficiently financially funded to be able to clear the name of their charity and co -founder Liu Yanli through the courts. Mrs Yang, however, considers sick & hungry animals to be more important than spending precious donations suing her denouncers through the courts and can not afford the luxury of clearing her name.

We refer you again to an answer from Mr Chong “❮Ken❯: She has limited help and even access to the animals – many are impounded by the local authorities. To her “A life is still a life.” So, she plods on doing whatever she can along with two or three young people who is caring for this old woman.

The charity CEO seems ignorant of the ‘fact’ that Mrs Yang considers ‘her animals’ to include dogs ‘impounded by the local authorities’.

Worryingly, are the many hundreds of dogs rescued by the Chinese ‘activist interceptors’ from the Chinese DMT traders transport vehicles, that TACN and others on social media report but never give a follow up on, destined for local authority dog pounds? And, is Mrs Yang being cynically blamed for the dire conditions in these dog pounds by the UK charity desperate to hang onto money gifted to her by donors worldwide?

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