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We have received a set of audio videos, with subtitles, of Mrs Yang explaining her unpleasant experience with the UK registered charity #1154524 ‘WORLD PROTECTION FOR DOGS AND CATS IN THE MEAT TRADE’ (WPDCMT) AKA ‘No To Dog Meat’ (NTDM) and Mr Peter Li, a China policy specialist for the charity HUMANE SOCIETY INTERNATIONAL.

First recording: Mrs Yang explains how she discovered that the UK charity had raised money in her name. It is believed that the man introduced to Mrs Yang as a Malaysian film maker was the charity trustee Mr Donkers. Why the subterfuge is anybody’s guess. NB the ‘10%’ Mrs Yang declares is all she has received, RMB 84,000, is approximately £8,400GBP.  Mrs Yang has obviously not been informed that the restricted fundraiser mission statement was for purchasing Yulin dogs AND for the upkeep of all her dogs and improvements of premises.

Second recording: Mrs Yang strongly refutes that the UK charity subsequently offered her food vouchers (or other assistance) to feed her animals.

Third recording: Mrs Yang also refutes that the UK charity offered to pay for veterinary care or to pay for neutering. However, she reports that Mr Peter Li of HUMANE SOCIETY INTERNATIONAL offered her money (approx.£16K GBP) if she would agree to a video being shot. Mrs Yang explains why she refused his offer, and refused the visit from an overseas vet, arranged by Mr Li.

Quite where, or even why, Mr Li fits into the UK charity fundraiser scandal remains unclear. What is clear, however, is that Mrs Yang asserts that she was bullied by representatives of two charities; Ms Julia de Cadenet, the CEO of ‘WORLD PROTECTION FOR DOGS AND CATS IN THE MEAT TRADE’ (WPDCMT) AKA ‘No To Dog Meat’ (NTDM) and Mr Peter Li, China policy specialist for the charity HUMANE SOCIETY INTERNATIONAL.

Fourth recording: Mrs Yang explains the confrontation with the woman ‘Duan of Kunming’ & the gang that arrived at her premises to forcibly take her dogs away. Out of 100,000 RMB (approx. £10K GBP), donated to her by fellow Chinese citizens, Mrs Yang reports that Duan has only given her 19,000 RMB (approx. £1,900 GBP)

Fifth recording: Mrs Yang briefly states that she doesn’t know Mr Jon Williamson (AKA Dr Jose Depre of IARF) who proliferates FB with a multitude of Facebook pages, nor does she authorise him to use her name to raise money.


CRUEL DISINFORMATION: One deliberate lie discredits all other source material.

The disinformation circulated about Mrs Yang, in order to discredit her, took a ghoulish twist when an observer noted that the UK charity’s voluble spokeswoman, Alice Susan Harding, has lifted a picture of puppy fetus and dog entrails from a completely unrelated Chinese 2012 blog to use in a collage of supposed photos of Mrs Yang’s shelter. Ms Harding posted the collage on her website article denouncing the conditions of Mrs Yang’s shelters. The article is called:AN INVESTIGATIVE REPORT ON THE CONDITIONS AT YANG XIAOYUN’S SHELTER. It is worth mentioning that Alice Susan Harding has never visited China.

Collage By Alice Susan Harding with unrelated pic

Quote from Alice Susan Harding on Twitter “if they had truth on their side they would not need to lie”

Shameful  distortion of 'truth' by Alice Susan Harding who lifts images from unrelated sites to vent her disinformation.

Shameful distortion of ‘truth’ by Alice Susan Harding who lifts images from unrelated sites to vent her disinformation.

Ironical to note that Alice Susan Harding consistently protests that only she has the full facts regarding Mrs Yang’s dogs, so why the need to deliberately distort the ‘facts’?

We post at the bottom of the page screen shots of visual proof that the picture was lifted by Alice Susan Harding from a Chinese 2012 report of a visit to a dog meat trade enterprise; and, also, to emphasise that this abominable cruelty is exactly what Mrs Yang has spent so many years working to end. Mrs Yang is an outspoken campaigning advocate not only to end the brutality but to bring about a law making the consumption of dogs and cats illegal. Mrs Yang is also a staunch advocate of neutering strays, and has recently visited Malaysia, as an invited and sponsored guest, where she supported the campaign there for neutering strays.

The fundraising scandal reaches the Chinese tabloids:

“….China Press reports on Mrs Yang claim of being cheated by the UK animal charity and her announcement of the appointment of MK Pak (Mankind FILMS) and a UK associate to assist her in legally pursuing the charity for release of the money raised for her.
(https://t.co/0Y3YscFWr0)” credit: https://www.facebook.com/YesAndNowGroup/

Image with clip of partial translation found on Twitter: https://twitter.com/canklehunter/media

CHINA PRESS January 2016

To support the petition, currently with 6,154 supporters, asking for an investigation that may help Mrs Yang help her dogs, please see https://www.change.org/p/investigate-the-uk-registered-charity-known-as-no-to-dog-meat-ntdm-aka-the-world-protection-of-dogs-and-cats-in-the-meat-trade






ALICE SUSAN HARDING WEBSITE http://endtrophyhuntingnow.com/2015/09/27/an-investigative-report-on-the-conditions-of-yang-xiaoyuns-shelter-in-tianjin/comment-page-1/#jp-carousel-20629

This highly emotive picture was actually sourced from this site in an unrelated to Mrs Yang blog posted in 2012 http://big5.fsamtj.com/my/ShowPost.asp?ThreadID=271922