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street gangster recruited by Peter Li screenshot-www.facebook.com 2016-02-26 17-26-38

Mrs Yang Calls Li a street Alley gangster screenshot-www.facebook.com 2016-02-26 17-26-38

Mrs Yang delivers shocking news. Mrs Yang claims Mr Peter Li, a China policy specialist for the charity HUMANE SOCIETY INTERNATIONAL (@HSIGlobal ), satellite of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), is recruiting street gangsters for ‘underhanded’ attacks on her and that he, Mr Li, seeks to frighten her with gangster language. Mrs Yang reports that a planned attempt (for the 15th February 2016) to take her dogs was foiled by the police.

The translated audio video from Mrs Yang:

Of course this is a ‘he said/she said’ situation but in defense of Mrs Yang she has only very recently spoken of Peter Li, whereas he has been more than loquacious in speaking out against her during 2015.

Coincidentally this video was posted by friend of Peter Li, Felicia Guo, on February 24 2016. She says on her FB page “People just shot this video of Yang Xiao Yun’s dog reserve. There are a lot skinny and sick poor dogs there!” · February 24


Hardly surprising that Mrs Yang’s dogs are even more vulnerable to lack of funds since the concentrated campaign led by the UK charity gang with Mr Li to dissuade donors to help her. By the whistling to the dogs it is obvious that this was an undercover op, to what end is debatable. Also it has not gone unnoticed that Ms Felicia Guo works for companies that sell fur garments and that, until the derogatory statements by Mr Li about Mrs Yang, her FB page has not been one of any animal advocacy.


It is believed that this site has been created/colluded with by Mr Li http://www.stopyangxiaoyun.com/

To examine just one of the statements on the home page:

The contention re Goldie screenshot-www.stopyangxiaoyun.com 2016-02-27 19-40-07

Now let’s look at the photos taken that day:

Goldie 1


It is clear that the two young men ‘innocently walking their pet’ at the Yulin dog eating ‘festival’ left on a motor cycle after leaving the dog with Mrs Yang.

The conflicting statements on the site http://www.stopyangxiaoyun.com/ are more than confusing. After taking great pains to represent Mrs Yang’s facilities as “..thus earning the “honor” to be the second most mysterious place on earth next to North Korea.”, and that she allows no visitors, we read that “A more recent visit by an animal welfare expert confirmed that dogs would be better off out on the streets than in Yang’s shelter.”

It is also concerning that so many accusations are not supported by any evidence.

“I was a donor to her. In June 2015, I sent a check of $10,000 to her.” NO EVIDENCE?

“(Yang threatened the New York Times Chinese language website journalist that she would hunt him down and that she would rather poison all her dogs than to surrender her dogs to other shelters).” NO EVIDENCE?

Mrs Yang’s foreign travel? The site reports “In January 2014, Yang travelled overseas to Singapore to attend the Asia for Animals Symposium on her “own” money. She arrived at the event on the last day leaving her dogs locked in the shelter hungry. Travelling to Singapore is not cheap. Who was paying for her trip?”  How do the writers know that she was not sponsored? We know for a fact that her recent trip to Malaysia was sponsored.

Again, “..thus earning the “honor” to be the second most mysterious place on earth next to North Korea.” REALLY? All of the media reports on Mrs Yang’s sanctuaries have been more than distressing in exposing the derelict conditions of her premises.

As for erroneous reporting, there are a multitude of news media and social media reports that quote vastly different sums of money spent by Mrs Yang on paying for dogs, and the number of dogs rescued by Mrs Yang. Even one social media reported that Mrs Yang did not rescue the Yulin ‘iconic’ dog when there is clear photographic evidence that she was successful. The UK registered charity #1154524 ‘WORLD PROTECTION FOR DOGS AND CATS IN THE MEAT TRADE’ (WPDCMT) AKA ‘No To Dog Meat’ (NTDM) relies on one UK media report that Mrs Yang spent £45K at Yulin 2015 for 500 dogs then trolls that she sells back to the traders at a profit. How realistic is that argument?

Are Mrs Yang’s dogs well cared for? We are the first to agree that probably not; and definitely she is struggling even more today than before in caring for her rescues thanks to the vindictive campaign to defame her. Is she ‘scamming’ to line her own pocket? That would need to be proven by her enemies, and, so far, they have not offered one iota of proof. Has she husbanded donations wisely? How can we know unless we walk in her moccasins? Is Mr Peter Li a ‘China Dog Rescue Gangster Godfather’ or is he merely operating to attract donations to his paymasters, the HUMANE SOCIETY INTERNATIONAL ? Well that is for the reader to decide.

Mr Peter Li’s support of the UK registered charity #1154524 ‘WORLD PROTECTION FOR DOGS AND CATS IN THE MEAT TRADE’ (WPDCMT) AKA ‘No To Dog Meat’ (NTDM) tactics to tenaciously hold onto the bulk of the restricted income fund naming the Chinese ‘dog and cat protector’ Mrs Yang (Yang Xiaoyun) as beneficiary and the collusion of the fundraising platform http://www.totalgiving.co.uk/appeal/yulin2015 to allow many different titles to the same restricted income fundraiser mission statement is more than alarming. The 2nd petition to address these concerns currently has 6,174 supporters.