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Yulin 2015 waiting for slaughter

Yulin 2015 waiting for slaughter

Mrs Yang exhausted all her family’s wealth on rescuing cats and dogs and now is deep in debt as her tormentors, with cynical disregard for the welfare of her animals, seek to crush her spirit. 

Mrs Yang is not the first victim, and the signs are she will not be the last, to fall foul in China of what has become a competitive business to exploit, under the guise of charity, the hideous trade in stolen dogs and cats for meat and fur.

Times have always been hard for Mrs Yang (Yang Xiaoyun) the 66-year-old woman from Tianjin in China, who has rescued dogs and cats for well-nigh on twenty years, but we doubt anything could have prepared her for what happened when a very small, and financially broke, UK registered charity #1154524 ‘WORLD PROTECTION FOR DOGS AND CATS IN THE MEAT TRADE’ (WPDCMT) AKA ‘No To Dog Meat’ (NTDM) decided, in June 2015, to use her worldwide fame as ‘the face for Yulin dogs’ to raise funds in her name.

As the fundraiser naming her as beneficiary gathered extraordinary momentum her fate was sealed. Since then, she has not only had to contend with the UK charity management playing every dirty trick they could devise to keep the bulk of her fund, but, unbeknown to her, at some point the charity joined forces with Peter J. Li, an associate professor of East Asian politics at the University of Houston-Downtown and China policy adviser with Humane Society International, to create a witch-hunt of her in China and a defamation campaign in the West. Mr Li, Mrs Yang reveals in the recordings below, began his previously more subtle persecution of her before June 2015.

Not only has Mrs Yang received less than 10% of her fund but conditions for Mrs Yang’s sanctuary dogs in Tianjin, China, have continued to dramatically deteriorate as other donations dried up due to the relentless joint campaign, run by Ms Julia de Cadenet (CEO of ‘NTDM) and Mr Li, to close Mrs Yang down. Quite what Mr Li’s plans are for Mrs Yang’s dogs remains a mystery. Are his employers, Humane Society International, planning to fund the relocation and long-term care of the dogs if Mr Li is successful in driving Mrs Yang, in her own words, “to depart this life”?

Mrs Yang has attended the ‘Yulin Summer Solstice Lychee and Dog Meat Festival’ as an animal advocate to negotiate with the local government officials to persuade them to take action to shut down the dog meat eating ‘festival’. Her mission was also to save (what are for the most part stolen pets) those she can from terror and torture before slaughter; buying from the traders inevitably means that most would be sickly and/or injured. Therein lies the controversy that Mrs Yang struggles to defend against. Logistically saving many of her sickly charges from finally succumbing to death is financially overwhelming, treating injury and ailments is a constant challenge on fluctuating income. Often limited funds results in her feeding the animals extremely poor quality food to the detriment of their health; adequate staff ratios is a pipe dream for her. It is important to acknowledge that the cats and dogs rescued by activists intercepting trafficker trucks present the same problems for their rescuers. After the fanfare of activists’ interceptions of the traffickers are publicised rarely does news reach the west as to the final destination, or even the survival rate, of the tragic animals.

In the JUNE 18, 2015 Q and A on the ‘Clash Over Eating Dogs in China‘, By SHAOJIE HUANG, Peter J. Li states:

I saw a truck with some 1,000 dogs from Sichuan being unloaded to slaughterhouses. Unlike in the past, when you would see big slaughter operations, I saw smaller operations scattered in different parts of the city. I went to two slaughterhouses. What I saw were terrified small dogs, typical of pet dogs in China, and cages of cats, many wearing collars, a sign of stolen household pets. The dogs and cats I saw were sick. The owners of the slaughterhouses admitted that the dogs and cats did not have quarantine inspection certificates as required by the Ministry of Agriculture. They also said the local animal health inspectors never visit to check the health of the animals they slaughter.

We have highlighted the sentence about the dogs being sick because it is relevant to the accusations directed at Mrs Yang by Mr Li, and his associates, about the number of sick dogs in her care.

Please note the sums of money quoted in the translated audio videos convert approximately as RMB1000=£100GBP


Mrs Yang is not the only private dog rescuer who has run into trouble from detractors. Chen Yulian, of whom Mrs Yang speaks fondly in video part 1, had similar problems in 2009. Chen didn’t make her ‘House of Love‘ a legally registered organization because of a local regulation that there could be only one animal shelter in her district. Being illegal, Chen couldn’t keep a public account, so donations went into her personal account.
An extract from The House of Love: An Inside Look at The Struggles of a Private Animal Shelter in China describes how she, like Mrs Yang, was denounced as a cheat.

Chen Yunlian never said no to homeless animals. She believes that every life matters. In the House of Love, handicapped animals were everywhere. Most of them were seriously deformed by human beings. Another great number of handicapped animals were rescued during the earthquake in 2008, for which Chen was severely criticized for rescuing animals “at the critical moment of life and death”. She also lost a great amount of support from overseas. Some western organizations believe euthanasia is the solution for unwanted animals. Chen refused to do it, determined to make her own way of animal rescuing.

In recent years, other troubles followed her as the House of Love drew more public attention. In 2009, some “netizens” dropped in on the House of Love, accusing Chen of stealing public donations. According to their accusation, they were “tipped off” by someone in Chen’s bank, and they found margins between public donations and expenditures. Local media were all over it, and a demand to publish Chen’s personal account was made. When she called me about it, she sounded wronged and indignant, “I have spent my life savings on the animals. Now they accused me of stealing from them!

Fortunately there was a happy ending for Chen Yulian, good PR work and debate in the media resolved the crisis and local government was persuaded to help her.

Who organised the group that invaded and denounced Chen we will never know, but Mrs Yang is adamant that Mr Peter Li is the orchestrator of the vicious campaign of intimidation and denigration of herself in China. With such a powerful tormentor Mrs Yang is faced daily with escalating harassment at home. Meanwhile the UK charity holding the bulk of her £90,000GBP+ fund continues to use Mr Li as reference to ‘validate’ and escalate their own very nasty campaign in the west to defame her as a cheat and animal abuser.

We suggest watching this ‘New York Times’ 2015 video of the controversial ‘Yulin Summer Solstice Lychee and Dog Meat Festival’ to understand why Mrs Yang buys dogs she can ill afford to save them from the terror of brutal slaughter for the revellers to eat.


To support the petition, currently with 11,662 supporters, asking for an investigation that may help Mrs Yang help her dogs, please see: